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this started off as a Little Mix blog and then I spiraled into madness

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i'm going to japan on the 20th (!!!) and won't be back until the 30th so everything will be queued


i. a song you’d kick zombie ass to during the apocalypse
ii. a song you’ve heard live
iii. a song that reminds you of your favorite fictional character
iv. a song that was your middle school/high school anthem
v. a song that reminds you of your best friend
vi. a song that would play in the movie trailer of your life
vii. a song that reminds you of somewhere 
viii. a favourite song from last year 
ix. a song with a colour in the title 
x. a song that would be your own country’s national anthem [i just had to make it this song, i couldn’t resist lol] 
xi. a song by an artist you’re not-so-secretly crushing on 
xii. a song that reminds you of your favourite season
xiii. a song you play when you need to go on a crying jag
xiv. a song you’d like to kiss to 
xv. a song with lyrics you’d like to tattoo on yourself

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